Bangkok Ekkamai Studio


Stroker Tattoo is located on the Sukhumvit 63 Road Ekkamai. 4 minutes’ walk from BTS Ekkamai station.
It’s across from Park Lane Mall.


Walk-in clients are accepted on a first come first serve basis everyday.
For appointments, we do all of our booking in person or through our website or SNS.

Hygiene Management

Only use disposable (one use only) needles, ink and gloves to avoid HIV, Hepatitis B and C and other blood transmitted diseases.

Places that come in contact with blood and body fluids are covered by barrier film.

Equipment such as machines, bed, lighting, floor etc are thoroughly cleaned with Ethanol or hydrochloric acid or sodium hypochlorite after each procedure. 

Needles, ink, gloves and other materials that have come in contact with body fluids and blood are hygienically disposed of.